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Neptune Land Services:Acquisition of a majority stake in FERST Logistics

12 Νοεμβρίου 2023.

neptuneferstNeptune Land Services (NLS) announces the acquisition of a majority stake in FERST Logistics. NLS was established in January 2023, in the framework of Neptune Group’s expansion into the field of land logistics services.

This acquisition aligns with Neptune Group's broader vision to provide high-quality reliable and adaptable services in the finished vehicle supply chain. Upholding principles of sustainable development, and its corporate mission to serve customers at all stages of the supply chain, Neptune Group takes another significant step in its expansion and growth strategy.

FERST Logistics, with a history of 30 years in the automotive logistics sector, is a pioneering company. With facilities covering 400,000 square meters, a fleet of 30 trucks, and a workforce of 180 people, FERST logistics has established itself as the leading provider of automotive logistics services in Greece.

The acquisition strengthens NLS's position in the finished vehicle supply chain. FERST will retain its highly experienced management team and the company's valuable know-how in the fields of distribution, storage, and technical centers (PDI). At the same time, combined with the high expertise and market-leading shipping network of Neptune Lines, a robust integrated system for providing maritime and land automotive logistics services is created.

The agreement marks a milestone in the implementation of Neptune Land Services' strategy, focused on providing high-value-added logistics services to the automotive industry. The company’s main pillars of development and activity in the near future, include the development of car terminals offering a full range of modern technical services, as well as the provision of optimal distribution solutions for vehicles to end customers.

Craig Jasienski, CEO of NLS, commented: "We are excited to have completed the acquisition of FERST Logistics. It is a strategic collaboration that enables us to leverage Ferst's expertise in onshore logistics and combine it with our strong/robust maritime distribution network. Together, we will provide comprehensive and competitively attractive logistics services to our customers."

The CEO of FERST Logistics, Dimitris Kybizis, stated: "We are entering a new and exciting chapter in our company's long journey. Both Neptune and FERST share the same social and corporate values. This provides our management team with the incentive to work closely with NLS's experienced professionals to consolidate and further enhance the services we provide to our clients."

Statement from Melina Travlos, President of Neptune Group: "The acquisition agreement of a majority stake in FERST by Neptune Land Services represents a significant stride in the realm of our business transformation, focusing to our investments on land. Guided by the substantial and mutual relationship of trust we have built over these years, both with our team members and collaborators, we expedite the sustainable growth of the Neptune Group, always keeping our clients at the forefront.

Our Group actively reinforces its vision for continuous and consistent development, puts into practice our corporate philosophy "Wake Forward" and invests in our home country."
















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